The Fearless Journey game
highlights your Team’s hard-to-reach Goal and inspires new strategies to reach it.

(new: check out Fearless Solitaire, too)

Players write cards listing Obstacles outside their control, situations that stop them from reaching their Big Goal

Then together they discover and combine Influence Strategies to resolve obstacles respectfully & boldly

Download it here today, and use it for FREE (but don’t modify it!) under a CreativeCommons 2.0 license

Get inspired: follow up the game with your own Action Planning activity
to turn some fictional solutions
into concrete next steps!

About this game

Collaboratively conceived @ Play4Agile 2011,
Game designed by
Deborah Hartmann Preuss & Ilja Preuß,
(CC BY SA) Deborah Hartmann Preuss & friends.

Influence strategy cards are excerpts from the books
Fearless Change © & More Fearless Change ©
Used with written permission from the publisher.

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