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Inspiration: At Play4Agile 2011 in Germany, Ole Jepsen instigated an Open Space session, saying “who wants to create a leadership game with me?” He shared the powerful “elephant and rider” metaphor for organisational change, from the book Switch by Chip and Dan Heath, and 30 of us joined in to workshop the concept. Antti Kirjavainen facilitated our iterative game conception process in two teams.

Concept: In our workshop team, participants Katrin Elster, Ellen Grove, Martin Heider, Melanie Meinen, Christine Neihardt, Deborah Hartmann Preuss, Sebastian Schürmann, Andreas Thier, & Nancy Van Schooenderwoert dreamed up the basic “path with obstacles” concept for this game. (A second team worked on a different concept, and we critiqued one another’s concepts: who can list their names for us?)

Design: Deborah Hartmann Preuss added the Fearless Change pattern cards and Carcassonne-inspired path tiles, and designed this game overnight with help from Ilja Preuß, building upon the workshopped concept. It was first test-played the next day at Play4Agile.

Translation: Translations were crowd-sourced! Our honorable translation team leaders were:

  • Japanese – KADO Masanori
  • Spanish – Teresa Oliver
  • French – Luc Bizeul
  • German – Kai Simons
  • Dutch – Astrid Claasen
  • Chinese – in progress

Further translations are welcome, please contact Deb to get started.

Thanks to everyone!


The Fearless Journey Game is licensed by Deborah Hartmann Preuss and friends under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License.

Please use with attribution.

The text of the 48 Fearless Journey Strategy Cards are excerpts from the book

The text of the 15 MORE Fearless Journey Strategy Cards are excerpts from the book

Sky background courtesy of Diane K. Miller, Fine Art Photography