Here’s what you need to play right away!

make sure your group is really a Team

by having them design and all agree upon their own Big Goal. Make it awesome! Make it daring!
     WHEN EVERYONE IS SMILING you know you have found a big-enough goal :-)

prepare or obtain ALL the game elements:

  1. Strategy Cards
    • 48 strategies in the original card deck, in 6 languages
    • 15 strategies in the new MORE card deck, english only for now
    • play now: download and print them (read on for links)
    • wait 10-20 days: order them online
  2. For all languages:
  3. Game Instructions

Here are the Strategy Cards for your language:


Yes, you can translate to another language! Hebrew and Finnish may be in progress.
To help with these or to offer to translate to a different language, please contact Deb.

Note: You can buy the pre-printed Strategy cards online using the “Order” link above.
But you will still need to download the Path cards, in the “ALL LANGUAGES” section, here.

Get inspired with PowerfulQuestionCards in multiple languages: a download on Deb’s website.