Fearless Journey Solitaire

The Fearless Journey game is designed for real teams, with team goals.

But what about change leaders, coaches, managers – who influence change across many teams… but without a team of their own? I’ve always wanted to publish a Fearless Journey Solitaire for these people, some of whom I coach! Then, the other day, I had a Eureka! on the streetcar, and here it is: a beta version for you to test.

The solitaire instructions use existing “mapping” exercises as a structure for finding and evaluating patterns from the Fearless Journey card deck:

  • Circles and Soup
    • when you have too many problems (ex: coming out of a retrospective)
    • to identify issues which are in your “circle of influence” and brainstorm which Fearless Change strategies may help
    • to identify issues outside your circle of influence, which may benefit from bridge-building for future influence. Stakeholder Analysis, below, may help with these.
  • Impact/Effort Grid
    • when you are baffled by too many possible actions (ex: on a new job, after a retrospective, or after playing Fearless Journey)
    • to help you choose what to do next, i.e. “low hanging fruit”
    • to identify key high-effort actions that are worth the extra planning and work
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    • to help understand the human landscape of your work
    • to identify key players whose influence can hasten or slow your progress
    • to spot allies who can help you build bridges to important but distant influencers
    • to focus your application of the Fearless Change influence strategies most beneficially

If you do not have a team yet, ex: as a new external consultant, these can help you think outside your box (and start building your own tribe of allies!)

The download includes a demo subset of Fearless Journey cards, so you can try it right away.
For the full deck, go to the Downloads or Order pages –  it’s in 6 languages!

and let us know what happens, in a comment below!
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