optional game extensions

A colleague suggested I add some elements to make the game more complex (and hence, for him, more interesting).  Soon after, while playing a new collaborative game, I got inspired and invented some optional twists to the game. Problem: I only ever play the game once with a group (after that they don’t need me! ) and for the first time, the extensions add unnecessary complexity, in my opinion. So I am still waiting to hear how they work!

  • Exception: The only one I have tried is “pick your fights” – useful when there are many obstacle cards written, lots of passion to move forward, and limited time to play. What I learned: 1) when you use this extension, omit shuffling blank cards into the obstacle deck. 2) decide before you facilitate how you want the choice to be made: does the person drawing the cards decide? Or the whole group? If the latter: you can use Decider, but be clear on who proposes!

Here are the proposed extensions (as a pdf) … still VERY new, incomplete and untested.

Let us know what you learn, with a comment below!

The extensions are:

  1. dice-cision making (use a die to decide who gets to remove obstacles) ***
  2. pick your fights (draw two obstacles, choose which one to put back)
  3. study group (get extra strategies. How? You tell me!) *
  4. build a community (get extra path options when you build a community) * **
  5. develop an ally (get extra strategies with allies) **

*    Stratgies 3 and 4 require new tiles. Tile page is included in the pdf for printing. **  You’ll need to either use the new English pre-printed cards, or put blue and/or black marks on your cards yourself, as indicated in the pdf. *** the pdf shows faces for a special die. Or simply assign the faces of a regular die to the corresponding concepts. Note that you can also play the game with real Carcassonne tiles. There is an example in the document showing which tiles you need (example shows the Winter Edition white tiles, which I think are quite nice for work). — deb

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